Get spooky murder mystery board game Mysterium for just over £30

Stick with us to learn all about Mysterium: a co-operative mystery board game steeped in spookiness and murder most foul, which also happens to be 24% off at Amazon, putting the price down to £30.49. Although some have described it as Cluedo meets Casper, we believe that grossly understates quite how awesome (and unique) this game is. It's also one of those rare straightforward yet compelling titles that doesn't demand each player digest a dense tome of rules, nor does it require infinitely vast stretches of time to complete. Suitable for up to seven players, and relatively brief - games tend to take between 1-2 hours - all participants bar one play mediums at a 1920s séance (accents optional) trying to solve a murder over the course of seven in-game hours tracked via a giant spooky clock. Read more…

date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:02:00 +0000


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  2. A Murder Mystery Dinner Game in which players stroll around blending in a room and gaze at one another. One individual is covertly the "executioner" who should attempt to dispose of players by winking at them without getting found out.


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