PlanetSide Arena is battle royale for up to 500 players

Daybreak Games has announced PlanetSide Arena, a battle royale take on the PlanetSide franchise.PlanetSide Arena launches on PC on 29th January 2019 priced €16.79. At launch, it includes a first-person shooter battle royale that comes in three types: solo for 100 players, teams of three for 102 players and a 250 versus 250 player mode called Massive Clash. It's all set on a huge 8k x 8k, four square kilometer map called Echoes of Amerish, which is based on Amerish, the third continent added to the world of Auraxis for PlanetSide 2.Three classes are available at launch, each with their own abilities, utilities and passives. All classes have jet packs and all can summon a vehicle to zip around the map at any time. Because of this, there's a freedom of movement to proceedings. But, countering this is a longer time to kill than in most other battle royale games, fuelled by a shield system that can make characters feel tanky.Read more…

date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 18:15:00 +0000